Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top 10 Rules on How to do Summer

This is for moms that have kids/teens home for the Summer. Whether you work at home or outside the home, I think we can all agree Summer Break is highly overated!

#1 Do not get up from bed before 9am. If you do happen to awake - look around your room at all the things you could do without mom asking you to.

#2 Do not expect to be entertained. See #1

#3 Do ALL of your chores before you ask for ANYTHING. See #2

#4 NEVER ever say "I'm bored". If you have a ball or a bike you have NO excuse! If you can't find something to do, I will find something for you.

#5 You are no longer at school-fix your own lunch.

#6 This is not the 7Eleven or Quickmart! Do not bring your friends home to drink up all the bottled water and eat all the snacks.

#7 No you cannot spend the night! Don't wear out your welcome-your friends parents may not want to look at you ALL the time. And don't forget #4!!

#8 Summer is not an excuse to lay around, sleep and watch tv ALL day and this includes Playstation Games etc. GO OUTSIDE! See #1 & #2

#9 Parents are not richer in the Summer! Don't expect field trips, movies or eating out everynight. See #6 & #4

#10 Do I HAVE to see you in that shirt one more day!?!?!


  1. YES! YES! YES! Thank you for your wisdom! I will be printing this out for my 11yr son and have him hang it up in his room so it's the first thing he sees when he gets up. LOL!!!!!

  2. Top 10 rules for the summer are so True I recall my mom use to say all 10:)

    Coach Don

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.


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