Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What happened to the Holidays??

When I was growing up, there was no mention of hanging out with friends on ANY holiday. Holidays were times that were set aside for family and the closest you could get to playing with a friend was a cousin.

Now either I'm getting old or times have really changed. Memorial Day was the last holiday and as soon as my two woke up, they were planning their day like it was "Friendship Day". I don't know, but each year my children get older it seems to get more challenging to preserve that family time. Now don't get me wrong, I do believe holidays are overated! Haven't you ever set yourself up for this wonderfully thought out holiday with gifts for everyone, perfect dinners and enough talking and game playing with family to write a book about it?? Does it EVER turn out to be all that? Well, since I'm honest I will have to say NO! Even though holidays can be kind of lame at times, there is still something sacred about keeping everyone with the same last name together....even just for the day.

Although the challenge is there and sometimes we barely know what we are even celebrating (depending on the holiday), I will continue to savor the moments when we unite for those special days. It may not be so on Veterans Day and some others, we might not have on Christmas sweaters, or be waving a Memorial Day Flag and I may have to hide a cell phone or two....but atleast the effort will still be made. Somethings should just remain the same.

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  1. Shannon you are sooo darn creative!! I love how you have created these for yourself and your family. You are a true example of a great mother and wife.. I truly admire you!

    I love this -- it's so fun to see the "non-daycare" side of you as well!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!!!


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