Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is That Really Necessary!?!?

OK, we tried to go see a movie as a family, which is a rare event for us. Of course since the first release was fantastic, we knew we had to return to see Transformers 2! Although we were warned by a dear friend that it might be a little too "risque'" for our family, we went anyway. We warned our 17yr old and our 12yr old that there were probably going to be parts in the movie that were distasteful. We even told them to look away and focus on the overall theme of the movie and the action...which is what attracts our family to these types of films in the first place. Sure, I thought maybe we would see a little kiss here, maybe a little cleavage there, maybe even hear a few swear words. SHOCK and AWE I tell ya! Now call me old fashioned or Grandma or even naive, but COME ON! There was more bare bottom than I see all day long doing daycare!! It's one thing to be pretty...OK Megan Fox is gorgeous, but do you have to look like you want sex EVERY TIME the camera is on you??? Why? I don't get it! It's almost like they thought the first movie didn't have enough sexual content in it. Was there a memo I missed that said, if you like seeing girls straddled over motorcycles or how about an alien part coming out of a woman's behind, then write in and we'll be sure to get you a free movie ticket and popcorn!!

Needless to say, I was disappointed in the writers or whoever is in charge with that icky stuff. It's a shame that a really good movie could be ruined by such filth! Don't they know that little 3 yr old boys are walking around with "Bumble Bee" t-shirts on? Those sexual scenes are SO unnecessary! I enjoy seeing our Nation's Military defeat an enemy, but there is absolutely NO reason for those pouty lip scenes! They do not add to the story, but only take away from families that want good wholesome movie fun.

OK, whew! I said it and that settles it! I'll let you know when my next movie comes out. Bring your whole family, and the dog too....HA HA!


  1. hahaha you're right she's way tooooooo sexy there. darn...wish i had that pout and that bod, mind you. when i watched T2, all i can think of is that 1) wish i have an autobot for a friend too for that helluva nice car 2) have that megan fox salivating gorgeousness!!!

    'scuse me, hope no 3 year old is reading this ;) lol mind my language ther hehehe

  2. Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.


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